We have 27 washers and 36 dryers in different sizes depending on your need

Mega 6 load washers (60 pound)
4 load washers (40 pound)
Triple load washers (30 pound)
Double load washers (20 pound)
Plus Cycles and Additional time
Large 30 pound dryers
$0.25 cents for 7 min
Extra Large 50 pound dryers
$0.25 cents for 5 min
Wash, Dry & Fold

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Our Washers and Dryers Accept Coins, Debit, Credit, Apple Pay, Android Pay & Loyalty Card!


Wash & Fold Laundry Service

Wash, Dry & Fold Service: $1.00 per pound (10 lbs minimum). Dress Shirts / Business shirts, pants all returned on hangers

Iron Services

We offer professional ironing services for a wide array items. Prices starting at $2.50 per item


Our King, Queen & Twin cleaning also includes a free comforter bag.

Commercial Laundry Services

Complete laundry service including wash, dry and fold for clothing, uniforms, towels, comforters, sheets and floor mats.